6 Fun Alphabet Learning Apps for Kids

The foundation of reading lies in the building block of learning the alphabet. It is always recommended that children have a working knowledge of their ABC’s before stepping into kindergarten. The key to learning, particularly the alphabet is to make lessons enjoyable. One way of doing so is with the use of an app.

Here are 6 of the best ABC learning apps available to teach your child the alphabet:

1. Talking ABC

Here is an app that is bound to delight your tiny tot with its animated approach to the alphabet. Each letter is introduced with the help of a special clay animal and includes 6 alphabet games which keep children entertained. It introduces a fun way to practice letter recognition as well as letter sounds.

2. Letter School

The Letter School app has won at least eight awards and offers four games for every letter. Children are exposed to upper and lower case letters alongside letter shapes, sounds and how to write them. With enticing graphics and animation, there is a lot of visual and auditory feedback to keep your child engaged.

3. Dr. Suess’ ABC

This app includes surprises that your child can unlock in a single tap. It brings to life a class favorite book with animated interactive surprises on every page. There are activities to match capital letters to lowercase, sorting, letter recognition and so on. Kids also learn new vocabulary as they play.

4. Endless Alphabet

The app presents letters to its users with engaging puzzles and delightful animations. It also works to build vocabulary in a very profound way. Children are bound to enjoy the hunt through the alphabet for monsters so as to rescue letters from the monster stampede to put them back in order! With no high scores or failures to worry about, this low-stress conducive game is going to leave your child wanting more.

5. Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids

Letter writing is taught via this app. As and when a child traces a letter, he knocks down pieces of fruit which makes the act of writing not only engaging and fun but also rewarding. Parents have the option of recording everything in their own voices so that the child is of the impression that a loved one is interacting with them throughout the game.

6. ABC Go

This app incorporates the modes of transportation into ABC lessons! It aims to teach over 60 vehicles themed vocabulary words alongside their spellings. It also displays videos that correspond to the letters.

Zoolingo’s ABC Learning App is also an effective ABC learning app that enables toddlers to learn their alphabets in a matter of weeks. The ABC’s are available in 12 different languages and the great graphics and phonetics make alphabet learning enjoyable.

ABC learning apps allow for the holistic development of your child which makes learning both effective and fun. Do give these apps a try and let the results speak for themselves!