6 Tips for Choosing the Best Charging Station for Your Office

There are several things you need to charge whether you are at home, at the office, or on a long journey. In the office, you may need to charge your smartphone, tablet, fitness tracker and other devices that need charging. It is sometimes difficult to charge all of them at the same time because you do not have adequate charging ports for all those gadgets. The good thing is that you can charge all those devices using one port. Here are tips to choosing the best-charging stations for your office.

1. Charging speed

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You should consider the amperage power when buying a charging station. Generally, it is better to charge devices under low amperage. However, some devices need to be charged under high amperage as well. New laptops are a classic example. You should consider getting a charging station that has both low and high amperage.

2. UL certification

You will not want to put your important documents and machinery at risk at the office. Using a low-quality charging station can put your devices and your office space at risk. They can cause fire hazards or blow up your devices. When buying a charging station look for one that is certified by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). These ones have been confirmed to be of high quality.

3. Number of ports

Your charging station is useless if the ports are not adequate for your devices. When you want to choose a station, you should consider the number of devices you will be charging. This does not mean that you should select a station whose ports exactly matches the number of devices that will need charging. It is advisable to get one that has some extra ports.

4. Form factor

Charging stations come in three different form factors: organizers, corded hubs, and wall chargers. Organizers are bulky but there are racks for your devices. They help you to organize your devices while they are on charge. People do not go in for organizers because they are more expensive but it all depends on your preference. Wall chargers are plugged directly to the wall. They do not come with cords and you will need to directly plug your devices to the wall outlet.

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Corded chargers are similar to wall chargers but they are vertical. Corded chargers, however, have a power cord tether to the outlet. This form factor is ideal for offices where the space around the power outlet is small. Choosing one charging station over the other will only depend on your preference.

5. Smart features

Some charging stations come with some smart features that allow you to have more control over your devices. You can monitor the charging habits of your devices.

6. Warranties

Warranties give you more confidence in the purchase you are making. Some stations come with warranties that cover the charging station and cables for the same number of years. Others cover the different parts for different years. Whatever station you choose, make sure it has a good warranty. For more information, view source.