A WordPress Franchise Plugin

If you have installed and set up your WordPress multi-site, that’s great. We can check it and see that it will need to work as you wanted it to. You’ve definitely seen lots of plugins, extensions, or widgets. There are so many choices offered in the WordPress marketplace. Which one is the best WordPress franchise plugin?

It’s true that there are many helpful extensions that can get you off on the right foot with an e-commerce or content network, but you have to pay for extra development if you want them to be as great as your original vision. Even then, they may not work as well as you had hoped.

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You’ll have to have some serious coding skills and IT experience to make it work on your own. Then you’ll have to look through the online manual for WordPress, also known as the WordPress Codex. Sound intimidating enough yet? There is so much documentation that you need to read, but there is no specific API for WordPress Multisite. That will take so much work, and you’d have to sort through over half a million posts just mentioning the word “multisite” to get the information that would be the most helpful for you.

But there is another way, thankfully. There are alternative online resources that offer various extensions that, while not free, will still offer a wide range of choices. WordPress’ largest draw is not its software but the fact that so many communities really like using it. One of them is WPMUDEV, which costs $39 per month for access. There are lots of people there who will help you understand what you need to make your WordPress Multisite work the way you want it to.

Even with this option, the best choice to get your Multisite network working just the way you want it to is to work with a skilled and reliable WordPress developer. If you’re already a large company, you probably have the people and resources you need in-house to do the developing for you. You can also use a reputable agency who will likely use WordPress Multisite and that will charge an arm and a leg.

However, if you’re in the small to medium business arena, then it might be that WordPress Multi-Site is too general to set up your network fast and cost-effectively. That’s where we come in. We provide all the tools to protect your brand and networked content, all while allowing local website content managers to customize their sites as they wish.

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We offer a multi-sites framework just for fast development of website networks, and we give you more for your money, which keeps all options available for any customization you want later. A WordPress franchise plugin may not be the best choice for your business.