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The practice of placing the ring on the third finger of the left hand originated in ancient Egypt. The closest tradition came to having men wear wedding rings was with the Gimmel’ ring.

The major push to bring men’s wedding rings into the mainstream was, unsurprisingly, by the jewelry industry. Before that, a man used to place it in a woman’s/bride’s finger, reuniting the gimmel as one.

There are many popular definitions of what makes a ring masculine. But, when it comes down to it, a men’s ring is any ring worn by a man.

Men’s rings size ranges

Most men’s rings range in size, anywhere from size 8 through size 14, which represent most of the population. Size 10 rings tend to be the most common for guys.

Big, Bold

Current trends

There has been a great evolution in men’s jewelry. Currently, men’s ring includes simple and sophisticated band rings in platinum, gold, and silver.

These rings may be embedded with gemstone studded rings and customized rings that are specially crafted to match their distinctive personality.

Wedding bandsWedding and wedding bands share a close bond! Today, wedding rings have become more than just a customary practice!

Men too are participating in it. With a vast array of designer men’s wedding bands, the urban man.

Men’s choice of wedding bands – Men and women are hardwired differently. While a woman would want her wedding band to be all ornate with platinum and diamond, a man might want something chic and classy.

Apart from merriment and mirth, a wedding band is a symbol of love and faith. Hence, it is essential to select it with great care and precision. Finding the best wedding band a man comes with its set of challenges. However, equipped with the correct guidelines, you can get the best ring that will make him smile with glee.

The possession of high-quality jewelry has been a sign of respect and power for men throughout the ages. It has also been used as a symbol of loyalty to their wives and families.

Big, Bold

Even Denzel Washington in Equalizer wears rings gifted by his deceased wife.

At the end of the day, men’s jewelry still stands for luxury. While it’s become more common for all jewelry types to be draped on men of various cultures, the fact remains that there is no greater status symbol than a masculine piece of male jewelry – especially when it’s hand-crafted and part of a limited collection. For information and designs, go to the site