The Call Center Industry

What Is Bpo In The Call Center Industry?

If you are considering outsourcing your customer service or other services to a call center, you may have come across the term BPO. This term may not have been clearly explained in some cases, but it is important when you’re considering using a call center services company. If you are looking into outsourcing a number of tasks in addition to call center work, BPO is especially important to understand.

What Is BPO?

BPO is short for Business Process Outsourcing. This term can be used for any instance in which a business outsources any type of processing. Call center outsourcing is simply one type of BPO. It also includes any other type of outsourcing, including production, transcription, eCommerce, and more.

While a BPO provider may offer several different services, most do focus on one particular service. Call centers, for example, generally do not also offer manufacturing outsourcing. They may, however, provide some related services such as marketing.

The Call Center Industry

A Call Center is a Focused BPO

Now that the definition of a BPO has been established, you can look at a call center services company as a type of specialized or focused BPO. They provide all of the services a company would establish if they operated their own internal call center. This includes training, providing equipment, HR, IT, and everything else a call center would need to operate. Everything done by a call center is focused on providing call center services, making it a more effective version than what many businesses are able to operate on their own.

What Services Do Call Centers Typically Offer?

Outsourcing to a call center can do more than provide you with the opportunity to move your inbound customer calls to a third-party provider. For many businesses, however, this is the first part of outsourcing that they transfer to a BPO provider. The call center takes on all types of inbound calls, including customer service, over-the-phone orders, and after-hours calls. Agents work off of client scripts and, in many cases, even have limited access to the client’s customer database in order to place or modify orders or escalate support tickets.

The Call Center Industry

Call centers can also provide outbound calls. These calls are made by agents to customers on the client’s behalf. Again, the agents are given scripts to follow and resources to use to answer customer questions. These are often marketing calls or follow-up calls aimed at gathering information or at providing customers with additional information they have requested.

Some call centers provide additional services. These services generally vary from center to center and depend on the location, staff size, and equipment the call center has available.

Outsourcing to a Call Center

Is using a call center services company the right move for your business? In many cases, the answer will be yes. These companies offer a wide number of benefits for one fee that is often less than you would pay for the space, equipment, and salary/benefits of hiring a full-time employee. Outsourcing can save businesses a large amount of money while offering customers better services. For more information, visit the website.